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Dustin J. DeFranco

Dustin J. DeFranco

Financial Advisor & Owner

At an early age Dustin was attracted to finance and investments. He would read the stock pages of the local newspaper as a young boy looking for the highest dividend payers. Upon joining the Boy Scouts, he was elected Treasurer and although he might not have been the best outdoors-man, by the end of his tenure all back dues were paid-up (25 cents per week). From an early age Dustin has always loved work. Starting with a paper route and growing into a high-school lawn care business he has always believed in the virtue of labor and the value of hard work. Working all through college, Dustin gained experience in the mining, construction, & transportation sectors as well as hospitality, retail, sales, service and industrial fields. These experiences have reinforced core values and have helped shape a well-rounded worldview with which to approach client needs and investment decisions.

Growing up in Matins Ferry, Ohio and attending St. John Central High School in Bellaire, Ohio helped prepare Dustin to attain a degree in Business Economics from Ohio University. He carries his Series 7 Registration with LPL Financial, his Series 66 with LPL Financial and Founders Financial Alliance and has over a decade of experience as a Financial Advisor. As the founder and owner of DeFranco Financial he utilizes a holistic approach to financial planning and has a strong focus on security selection, equity analysis and portfolio construction. Dustin believes the key to financial success is the ability to have a good relationship and open communication with a quality financial advisor. He take great pride in his ability to take complex subject matter and convey it to clients in a simpler more straightforward form. He is also very proud of his whiteboard drawings!

Dustin has been married to his wife Heather for 10 years. Sheis the owner of a children's photography studio in Wheeling, Snapshot Photography. Together they live in Wheeling, West Virginia with their 5 children (Rocco, Bruno, Lucy, Dash and Xiao). They are active parishioners at St. Michael's Parish in Wheeling, West Virginia and actively support the Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation among other community organizations across the Ohio Valley.